100 Club Lottery

Portland Utd FC - 100 Club.

Don’t forget…. It is never too late to enter The 100 Club - just £5 a month with a chance to win, 1st prize of £70, 2nd prize of £25 and 3rd prize of £15.  The Christmas draw will be a double winning draw!!  Same prizes, but twice the chance of winning.  There will also be spot prizes throughout the season. 

Results of the August 100 Club Draw:  1st prize - Gloria Scott;  2nd prize - T Hut Pat Kempson and 3rd prize - Simon Browne.  

Results of the September 100 Club Draw:  1st prize - James Turrell;  2nd prize - Pete Higgins and 3rd prize - Ray Collins. 

Results of the October 100 Club Draw:    1st prize - Dave Camp;  2nd prize - Robin Stone;  3rd prize - Eddie Palmer and the spot prize went to Nicola Leeham. 

Results of the November 100 Club Draw:  1st prize - Randle Gates;  2nd prize - Pat Kempson;  3rd prize - Liam Gould. 

Results of the ‘Double’ December 100 Club Draw: 
1st prizes:         Cobby Gould and Kelly Levett;
2nd prizes:        Jan Camp and Robin Stone
3rd prizes:         Jessica Turrell and Adam Anstey
Thank you all for entering and Happy New Year from Lesley and Darren. 

Results of the January 100 Club Draw:  

1st prize - Nicola Needham;  2nd prize - Ray Collins;  3rd prize - Jim Hinde.  The ‘spot’ prize went to James Turrell.  Thanks to everyone for entering and also thanks to Darren and Lesley Whyton for their continued hard work organised the draw.   

Results of the February 100 Club Draw: 
1st prize - Alan Petre;  2nd prize - Pete Hoare (Snr) and 3rd prize - Paul Rowland.  

Results of the March 100 Club Draw:   
1st prize - Brendon King;  2nd prize - Nicola Leedham;&nbs


  • Regency Dental Practice

  • Ayya Bars

  • Tilleys

  • R J King (Insurance Brokers) Ltd

  • Weymouth Precision Engineers

  • Wessex Gas Works

  • Island Motor Services

  • Weyline

  • Quiddles Cafe

  • CB Scaffolding

  • Weymouth Precision Engineers

  • Marlboro

  • Boho

  • Advoco

  • Portex Portland Ltd

  • DW Roofing

  • Pengillys Solicitors

  • Dorset Vehicle Rentals

  • Highwood

  • The Lobster Pot (Portland Bill) Ltd

  • Billy Winters Bar & Diner

  • Cove House Inn

  • Southern Ground Care

  • Travis Perkins

  • S & W Shellfish

  • The Eight Kings

  • www.koopi.co.uk

  • Punchbowl Inn

  • Turrell Ltd


  • Franklin & Co Accountants

  • Codfathers

  • Sumac Precision Engineering Ltd

  • Portland Marina

  • Park Laundry

  • Roger McGhee Estate Agents

  • Chesil Beach Motors

  • Albion Stone

  • The Three Els Trust

  • Portland Stone